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Network based security information system

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 Created: 11/8/2017 8:47:00 PM


Network security tool

This software was designed to prevent unauthorized access from people on or outside the network. With the software, a network administrator can monitor computers on the network, oversee operations of the network and remotely shut down any computer. The software will ensure that files, data, and business information are protected and made available to only authorized users.

Some features of the software

1. Login
2. Connection via IP address
3. Get running programs, Operating systems, e.t.c of computers on the network
4. Remotely terminate/shut down systems
5. Add/Edit/Delete System Users
6. Scan all systems for virus, trojans, and malware

Hardware Requirements

1. A minimum of Pentium 4 with a speed of 1.3 GHz.
2. A minimum RAM capacity of at least 512MB.
3. Hard disk capacity of at least 100mb free space.

Software Requirements

1. Windows 7 and above

Some Snapshots

Network based security information system


Network based security information system

How to get the software (source codes, flowchart e.t.c)

Call or send us a message via contact us
Get the documentation/project material

Installation Instructions

1. Open the package folder
2. Open the setup folder
3. Double click the setup file

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