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Online job portal website (free php source codes)

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 Created: 12/5/2018 3:10:00 PM


Online job/recruitment website

This is a smart online job portal website that was created to make it easier for job seekers to search and apply for jobs. The application was designed to do more than just provide a portal to post and apply for jobs. Job seekers can search for popular jobs, search by job functions, title, and company.


Some features of the software

Job Seekers

1. Registration/Login
2. Apply for Jobs
3. Search for Jobs
4. Upload Resume
5. View Applied Jobs
6. Get Notifications/Messages


1. Add Company Profiles
2. Post Job Vacancies
3. View Applicants
4. Manage Employees/System Users

Hardware Requirements

1. A minimum of Pentium 4 with a speed of 1.3 GHz.
2. A minimum RAM capacity of at least 512MB.
3. Hard disk capacity of at least 100mb free space.

Software Requirements

1. Windows 7 and above
2. Wamp or Xampp Server
3. Web Browser (Firefox or Chrome)

Some Snapshots


Online job portal website (free php source codes)

Online job portal website (free php source codes)

Download Source Codes

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Download Source Codes

Installation Instructions

1. Extract the package folder
2. Copy the folder to C:\wamp\www
3. Create a new database in localhost/phpmyadmin and import the SQL file in the folder


Anonymous Feb. 1, 2019

Hello Sir, I download job portal source code and it will run. But I want admin and employee dashboard login details. When I login to admin panel the message showing that "Account does no



Nonny01 Feb. 6, 2019

Does not?

Anonymous Sep. 20, 2019

the same problem I watch please replay this question the project is totally nice.


Anonymous Apr. 8, 2019

Hi, This runs nicely in localhost using XAMPP. But when I put it on my Ubuntu 18.04 server, I get HTTP ERROR 500. Any idea how I can fix this?



Anonymous Aug. 30, 2019

In ubuntu just go to initialize.php inside include folder and change Uppercase ERIS to lowercase eris. It should work


Anonymous Sep. 20, 2019

how can I run the admin part there is only login button




Anonymous Dec. 11, 2019

sir i need video for job portal php project




Anonymous Jan. 18, 2020

Please tell me admin user name and password




Anonymous Mar. 8, 2020

hey i have downloaded the project and followed all the steps of installation but it s not working. am getting fatal errors. kindly help anyone plz




Anonymous Apr. 26, 2020

sir, i have created the databse .when i run the index file it shows error like"Warning: require_once(C:/xampp/htdocs\ERIS\include\config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in



Anonymous Jul. 23, 2020

can i please have the database you created.


Anonymous Jun. 2, 2020

admin pass is "admin" link to admin is "http://localhost/eris/admin/"




Anonymous Dec. 17, 2020

when I put it on my hostinger server, I got This page isn’t working, currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Any idea how I can fix this? &#



Anonymous Dec. 17, 2020

Did it run on your localhost?


Anonymous Mar. 11, 2021

Fatal error: __autoload() is no longer supported, use spl_autoload_register() instead in C:\xampp\htdocs\eris\include\function.php on line 37 Help me pls




Anonymous Apr. 28, 2021

Can you send online job portal website in Html and CSS in visual studio




Anonymous Jun. 4, 2021

Hello sir. I have download this project and its working great. but i have got a problem... in local host Applicant profile is showing but on server applicant profile is not




chanthalath Apr. 30, 2022

Hi Sir, I have downloaded this source code and run on Xamp and it's work. But tried to run online website and it's not working. This page isnR




Anonymous Jan. 25, 2023

"Warning: require_once(D:/wamp64/www\ERIS\include\config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\wamp64\www\jobseek\include\initialize.php on line 14" This is t



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