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PHP Tutorial

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 Created: 8/11/2020 12:33:00 PM


Course Introduction

About this course

This course will teach you how to develop web-based applications using PHP.

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What you'll learn

 - PHP programming skills
 - Coding Skills
 - Real World Applications


 - N/A

Software Requirements/Development Tools

Installing Wamp or Xampp server
We have a tutorial that would walk you through the installation process. You can find that here.

Course Syllabus

Fundamentals for beginners

Syntax and Variables
 - What is PHP?
 - PHP Tags
 - PHP statements
 - Comments
 - Variables
 - Identifiers
 - Creating a variable
 - Assigning values to variables
 - Variable types
 - PHP data types
 - Constants
 - Variable scope

Control and Functions

Object-Oriented Programming


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