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An examination of Wilhelm Leibniz theory of innate ideas

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This research work centered on an examination of Wilhelm Leibniz’s theory of innate ideas and how his position could be justified in light of contemporary epistemic development. The innate idea is a concept of knowledge that is inborn and is said to be possessed by all humans, that is, something that people are born with rather than learned through experience. This work addressed the problem of the quest for certainty in knowledge and how genuine knowledge can be acquired in knowledge. In the same vein, the work attempts to show that knowledge can be gotten through Innatism (or the power of reason). The work examined the theory of innatism and the major objective is to highlight the major tenets of innatism, and its problems, in line with Leibniz''s thoughts. Through the application of the analytic method, the strength and weaknesses in Leibniz thinking is properly examined. However, the work finds that although experience can give knowledge it cannot establish the universal necessity of knowledge found in Logic, Metaphysics, Mathematics and Ethics. The proof of this knowledge can only come from internal principles which are innate. In conclusion, Leibniz position was not generally accepted because innate ideas alone cannot give us certainty in knowledge as some knowledge comes from experience....
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