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Islam’s perspective on euthanasia - an ethical analysis

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The focal point of this work is an ethical analysis of the concept of euthanasia from Islam's perspective. The term euthanasia generally means the deliberate killing of a sick person either by the withdrawal of medical treatment or by giving a lethal injection to eliminate pain and suffering. The concept of euthanasia has raised many issues philosophically and beyond, the work solved the problem raised by the concept of euthanasia from the Islamic ethical perspective. This is by positing that human life is sacred and that man has no right to take his life for any reason. Allah gave life to man and is the only one that has the right to take back life at a predetermined time. The aim of this work exposes ethical euthanasia from the Islamic perspective by way of looking at the Islamic ethical position on euthanasia and the Islamic approach to medical issues or treatment. The significance of this paper projected a clearer understanding of euthanasia by scrutinizing the implication of euthanasia on the relationship between medical establishment and society and the slippery slope (political abuse) of euthanasia practise. The study makes use of the analytic method because it helps to expose and understand euthanasia from the Islamic perspective. However, the work finds that Allah gave life and has the absolute authority of taking it. The Qur'an prohibits consenting to one's own destruction which could be related to terminally ill patients who give consent to mercy killing. In conclusion, though some people might have accepted the concept of euthanasia Islam rejects it and there is a strong need to identify and treat depression in terminally ill patients and to provide social support to patients and their families through comprehensive programs run by multidisciplinary teams....
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